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Mobile Device Management for

Restaurants & Hospitality

Reinventing Customer Service

From brick-and-mortar locations to food delivery, we provide a dynamic and streamlined approach to operations for many of the industry’s top companies. Our full-service restaurant mobility solution stack maintains business connectivity through wireline and wireless support to efficiently manage orders, inventory, and customer interactions through mobile devices, enhancing overall service speed and accuracy. Our food delivery customers can facilitate real-time tracking, route optimization, and seamless communication between delivery personnel and customers, resulting in improved delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Fully vetted Government Mobile Solutions Provider

Improve Customer Convenience

Our implementation of restaurant technology provides a competitive advantage for quick service restaurants (QSRs) and food delivery providers that are looking to improve customer convenience and loyalty with everything from online and app ordering to self-service kiosks, digital displays, and more.

Streamline Operations

Mobility solutions like self-service kiosks help with line-busting at restaurants and hotels which is great for customers but also frees up staffing resources and expands opportunities for upsells and education.

Never Miss an Order

Connected tablets are used by busy restaurants to support front and back of the restaurant operations. From making sure that to-go orders are received timely and transferring orders to the kitchen, to allowing customers to pay at the table, mobile devices are making restaurant operations easier to manage. 

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