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Mobile Device Management for Transportation

Enhanced Transportation Logistics

Through the integration of mobile technologies, Mobility CG empowers transportation companies to track and manage their fleets in real-time, leading to better route planning, fuel efficiency, and overall cost savings. Mobile hardware and applications enable drivers to electronically log hours, and receive and update information on the go, enhancing communication, and reducing delays. We support the entire transportation ecosystem with warehouse solutions like inventory management, load tracking and supply chain logistics.


Empower truck drivers with real-time navigation, route optimization and traffic updates, and improving delivery efficiency and reducing delays.


Streamline paperwork processes by allowing drivers to digitally capture signatures, scan documents, and submit reports, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring accurate record-keeping.


Create a centralized communication hub for fleet managers, providing instant access to vehicle diagnostics, driver performance metrics, and maintenance schedules, enabling proactive decision-making and optimization of fleet operations.

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