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Galaxy Tab S9

Galaxy Tab S9

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is their most powerful tablet yet. Strengthened by their most robust processor, this tablet enhances productivity and creativity, while 5G connectivity keeps business running and connected from virtually anywhere. Built with enhanced durability, it offers protection from bumps, dust, and water, so you can confidently take it wherever you go. Elevate your videoconferencing with the high-resolution, ultra-wide front camera, and enjoy the ultra-crisp 12.4″ display featuring Vision Booster, which adjusts brightness and contrast for clear viewing even in sunlight. Seamlessly connect with other Galaxy devices to quickly share files or maintain call and text continuity, making the Galaxy Tab S9 5G a powerhouse for both work and play.


The Tab S9 has big AMOLED 2X screens (11”–14.6”), for better productivity and multi-tasking with flexible Multi-Window view enabling up to 3 apps at once.

Easy to take with you into the field or for use in a store or business with a slim, light and durable design.

A Qualcomm® Snapdragon™8 Gen 2 processor makes the Tab S9 a powerful PC replacement and AI heavyweight.

The S9 comes equipped with Galaxy AI, a suite of productivity-enhancing features that includes Circle to Search by Google, AI Live Translate, Note and Chat Assist and AI photo editing.

With the S Pen included and full Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integration and business app functionality, the S9 becomes a great PC replacement. A full-size keyboard and trackpad can be added, or connect to a large monitor with Samsung DeX.

The S9 series features an App Priority Engine (APE) that is six times faster than previous generation Wi-Fi enabling crisp clear video calling over Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi 6E standard helps ensure fast connections over the network and the 5G connectivity delivers when away from the office.

Galaxy S9 Models

Screen: 11.0” Dynamic AMOLED Resolution 120Hz

Memory: 8GB (RAM) + 128GB | 12GB (RAM) + 256GB

Battery Charging: 8,400mAh

Screen: 12.4” Dynamic AMOLED 2X Resolution 120Hz

Memory: 12GB (RAM) + 256GB | 12GB (RAM) + 512GB

Battery Charging: 10,090mAh

Screen: 14.2” Dynamic AMOLED 2X Resolution 120Hz

Memory: 12GB (RAM) + 256GB | 12GB (RAM) + 512GB | 16GB (RAM) + 1TB

Battery Charging: 11,200mAh

Screen: 10.9” TFT LCD with 90Hz

Memory: 6GB + 128GB | 8GB + 256GB

Battery Charging: 8,000 mAh

Screen: 12.4” TFT LCD with 90Hz

Memory: 8GB + 128GB | 12GB + 256GB

Battery Charging: 10,090mAh

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