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MCG helps deliver

Award-Winning Patient Care

A healthcare company turned to MCG for a cost-effective way to connect patients and doctors.

Our team developed a mobile solution to support remote patient monitoring and enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction – all while reducing costs. Key outcomes included:

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patient outcomes were significantly improved by proactively addressing patient-provider engagement.

The solution uses a sophisticated, easy-to-use device pre-loaded with software capable of managing 40+ electronic health record integrations and 90 condition playbooks.

Operational Scalability

We helped the healthcare provider scale operations and expedite enrollment while maintaining high-quality standards in compliance with HIPAA.

Through our warehouse program, we carry inventory and distribute out-of-the-box ready devices when needed.

Efficient and Reduced Costs

Total cost of care was reduced by saving more than 42 percent on the costs of the tablets.

The program allowed patient care to be delivered more efficiently, optimizing hospital bed utilization, improving quality, and reducing costs and readmissions.


A remote patient monitoring company needed a new, cost-effective means to keep patients, particularly the elderly, connected to their doctors through a ‘hospital at home’ patient monitoring program.

The solution required procuring, kitting, connecting and staging tablets to make them out-of-the-box-ready. The connected tablets needed to easily pair with medical devices used in the patient’s home. Security software was needed to secure patient data in compliance with HIPAA.

Warehousing services were needed as the company did not have sufficient storage facilities nor the ability to maintain and ship devices when needed.


MCG provided a timely and comprehensive solution that included sourcing a more cost-effective device than what they currently had in place and using custom charging cables to better support patients. Our full-stack engineering approach includes carrier activation and registration, and installation of Knox security software on every device. Staging and kitting services are provided so every device is ready to use straight out of the box.

The solution has reduced the company’s hardware costs by approximately 42%. In addition to these savings, our warehouse services are reducing the customer’s upfront cash outflow. The program uses a purchase order and billing only occurs when shipping the devices to the customer in batches. Our quick response has allowed this healthcare company to maintain an appropriate supply of devices to support patient care delivery.

customer feedback

“Mobility CG helped us switch the tablet we use to support patient care to deliver significant savings. “

– Vice President and General Manager, Operations & Logistics